6 reasons to give up Gmail and start using Inbox

Gmail is the most popular email services of all time. However, Google has decided not to rest on their laurels, and begun to develop the next generation of an email client for Android phones such as HTC desire Google Nexus etc., which is called Inbox. However, the question is whether Inbox will be able to substitute the beloved Gmail. We have found as many as six reasons to answer this question.

1. Letter categories.

In Inbox, there is a very handy feature for an automatic distribution of letters by category. Smart algorithms are able to distinguish the subject of your letters, group similar letters and put them into one of the appropriate categories. If some of them got into a wrong category, you can put them in the appropriate selection on your own. Later, Inbox will remember your actions and will work without any errors.

In the category settings, you can also specify a time for their display. For example, you can configure Inbox so that the folder with letters from social networks will appear only once a day and it will not distract you with its presence during working hours.

2. Saving links

There are many different services and extensions to help you share links, but people still continue to send links to their mailbox. Therefore, the Inbox developers have made sure that users at least feel comfortable when doing it. They released a special extension for sending links and created a special category in the mail, where you can easily find those links.

3. Calendar and reminders in your mailbox

Calendar and an e-mail client are the most essential tools for any business person, so their mutual integration is welcome. Produced reminders in Google Calendar can be observed directly in Inbox, and vice versa. You can also attach a reminder to any of your letters turning it this way into a task that is displayed in the calendar.

4. Snooze emails

In Inbox, you have a very good opportunity to hide a letter from the “Inbox” folder for some time. You just need to select one of the preset values or assign your own time, so that the letters you do not need to at this time are moved to a special folder. At the appointed hour, they will reappear in the “Inbox” folder so that you can continue working with them.

5. Mailing Digests

If you are subscribed to multiple daily deliveries, Inbox can help you get acquainted with their content faster. On the basis of the received letters, a special digest is made containing only the most interesting content. It will save you a lot of time, especially if you have plenty of letters in your “Inbox” folder to read.

6. Smart reminders and answers

No one is surprised at Google prompts that appear when typing a search query like HTC phone prices ,or the latest news etc.. A similar technology is used in Inbox when you create reminders. The next step in this direction is the phrase templates, which the app suggests when writing a response letter.

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