Finding a Low-cost Way to Communicate is Important to Me

A couple of years ago, I was standing outside and speaking with a neighbor and accidentally dropped my phone. Knowing that my phone had dropped many times without any trouble in the past, I was disappointed to find that the screen cracked on this occasion. My neighbor said that he had just looked through a variety of 3 phone deals to get something new, and that I should try to do the same. However, after looking mind over very carefully, it seemed that it was still in good working order.

My luck ran out a week later when I was making a phone call to someone and the buttons on the dialing pads were only intermittently working for me. I tried to push the buttons over and over. At first, I was able to punch in 7 numbers, but the eighth one did not work. Next, I erased all of the digits and tried it again. That time, only 4 of them worked. I backed those digits out and tried again and again. Anyone who dialed me could get through to me when I answered their call. However, I was unable to do the same. I just knew it had to do with the broken glass. Just an hour later, I was able to punch in any numbers at all, and then the screen went black permanently.

When I called my mobile company, they had no special offers I could afford. I worried about the cost of buying a new one. My budget was tight. Remembering that my neighbor had said that 3 phone deals worked out for him, I hoped that would be an answer for me, too. I ended up going with a company that gave me free mobile and a low-cost monthly plan for service. It made sense to me to switch over to the because of the cost savings.

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